LOG Injection Molding manufactures a wide range of high-precision, plastic injection molding machines for diverse applications. We work with you to ensure we are providing the best molding solutions based on your application and business requirements. You can count on us for advanced technology, application expertise, and after-sales support to help improve your overall injection molding productivity and profitability.

New Machinery Solutions

The LOG Injection Molding platforms of cost effective A series all hydraulic with variable displacement pumps, energy efficient S Series servo units and all-electric injection molding machines spans from 30 to 2,200 U.S. tons.

LOG is a standard hydraulic injection molding machine brand, with our series like LOG A8 and LOG S8 special purpose machines, clamping force covers 90T-2200T, with energy saving, fast, stable and efficient features. In particular, “customized-made” concept to meet the production needs of various types of customers.

Anstrength is the all-electric injection molding machine brand, focusing on the manufacturing of high-precision products such as optics, precision electronics, medical care and precision connectors. Clamping force covers 30T-380T. Its excellent accuracy and high injection speed make it at the top of the high-end machine industry. It is currently the leading direct-drive all-electric injection molding machine brand.

Services and Solutions for Your Injection Molding Machines

In addition to our wide range of new machinery, we have an extensive after-sales support team for our customers. Beyond traditional parts, service and training support, we help you effectively manage your existing machinery fleet with expert machine assessments, retrofit solutions, rebuilding, trade-in credits and allowances, and attractive financing solutions.

Worldwide Capabilities

LOG Injection Molding is a worldwide company dedicated to helping plastic processors compete more effectively in a global market. Whether your molding operation is local, half way around the world, or both, we have the equipment, engineering expertise, and support to meet your injection molding machinery requirements.

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