OIL MOTOR                                       INTERMOT

DIRECTION VALVE                             VICKERS

COMPUTER                                        KEBA/MIRLE

AC CONTACTOR                                SCHNEIDER

ELECTRONIC RULER                         GEFRAN

LUBICATION PUMP                            HERG

Products performance and advantages;

1、Clamping parts

Fast and steady moving platen motion is the result of a new generation of mold-locking toggle and computer-simulation optimized control parameters.  High strength and long machine life are ensured through the use of the box structure made up of the moving and stationary platens, tie bars and toggle.  Due to the design of this box structure, LOG molding machines have a larger open area compared to similar products.

2、Computer controller

The computer control system, with its PID temperature control, combined with the high precision electronic ruler, regulates the speed and pressure of injection, holding pressure of the plastic, screw rotation speed and back pressure ensuring the quality of the parts being formed.Efficient, simple and safe operation are achieved through the automatic material change-over, anti-drooling and anti-cold start functions with the control system.

3、The injection unit

Short and forceful double-cylinder injection system is used to ensure the steady injection motion. The strain free fixed mold plate and screw assembly with optimized design help to reach better plasticing capacity and effect. PID temperature control regulate the speed and pressure of injection, pressure keeping, smelting, back pressure and other motions to ensure the quality of formed products and continuation of production. Auto material preparation, drooling proof, and anti cold start lapse functions ensure the high efficient, simple and safe operations.

4、The hydraulic unit

These molding machines are equipped with variable displacement hydraulic pumps.  When compared to fixed output pumps, these can save 30-60% in electric consumption.  Combined with a hydraulic buffering valve, our variable displacement pumping system provides smooth starting and stopping of the moving platen, along with efficient clamping force on the toggle.

5、The mold adjusting unit

The automatic mold adjusting device driven by hydraulic motor adopts gear coupling drive,features steadiness, speediness, high-efficiency and saving mold loading time.