AD-T Series


Advantageous Hi-precision Clamping Mechanism

Direct-drive clamping
Direct-drive clamping structure, with faster clamping response less clamping time

Clamping force sensor
Equipped with high-precision clamping force sensor, allowing real-time clamping state monitor, the clamping force setting adjustment with reduced mold loss and lower servo motor load

Double-pull nozzle
Double-pull nozzle contact mechanism, preventing plate tilting and uneven contact during nozzle contact; reducing the degree of mold damage.

Support plate
High wear resistance, low friction support plate of the movable plate with lower servomotor load during the opening and closing process.

High standard clamping
High standard clamping force and parallelism adjustment with stable clamping state and reduced mold loss.

High strength frame design including thick-wall structure steel components, with reduced fast opening/closing vibration.

Direct drive mechanism for injection
Highly responsive and high speed injection control is achieved with direct drive structure mechanism the core of the injection.
High response, low inertia servo motor with corresponding low inertia load design is used to achieve the actual screw acceleration time of 20ms.
Equipped with high-precision multi-ring absolute value encoder and injection pressure sensor, which achieve precisely controlled screw position and stable rubber melting, injection, pressure holding and back pressure operation.
Rotation mechanism is used for the injection unit, for easy removal of the screw components and effective reduction of operation time
High standard screw core runout adjustment to ensure long service life of the screw.

Advantages of diversified configuration
In response to diversified plastics:
With requirement of higher heat resistance for high-precision molded parts and the advent of plastics products that can substitute metal parts, the performance requirements of the molded products are increasing. Depending on the characteristics of the resins, from PO with long molding cycle to PC for optical lenses and ABS for structural parts, specially designed and developed screws by Anstrength based on factors such as resin heating temperature and injection speed may be used, together with specialized screw components with special material, special processing and special treatment.
Diversified products:
Network connectors, COP lenses, Rubber frames for cellphones, Light guide plates, Connectors, Electronic components, Cellphone lenses, LED lamps.

Diversified product requirements and configurations

Standard AD-T series configuration
AD-T series injection molding machine allows high-load filling pressure and is suitable with operations requiring long time filling and pressure holding. It has significant effect for thick-wall molding with high holding pressure or for high-viscosity plastics molding.