Training to Meet Your Needs

LOG Injection Molding offers a carefully prepared training experience that satisfies the needs of all who participate. If you are new to the injection molding process or a veteran of processing challenges, you will learn valuable information to apply to your job responsibilities.

Our training courses cover processing, machine optimization, and maintenance on our current machines as well as on a variety of our older machines. The courses are all designed to help improve your molding efficiency and overall productivity by achieving the optimum performance of your LOG Injection Molding machines.

Customized In-Plant Programs

Customized training programs, held at your facility using your equipment, are available for all LOG Injection Molding machine models. Our training team will work with you to design an individualized program which will best meet your needs – from hands-on machine operation and maintenance to advanced processing and application specific process optimization.

Pre-Scheduled Classroom Training

Affordably priced, pre-scheduled training courses are offered at LOG Injection Molding’s training facilities, away from production concerns and responsibilities.